FAQ is the frequently asked questions about the usa-movies.com | includes the performance questions, videos playback issues and everything you need to know.

1.What is usa-movies.com

 usa-movies.com is a site where you can find bunch of movies that you can easily watch with one click.

2. Is it free to watch movies?

YES! usa-movies.com is always free and always will be

3. Why isn't the video working?

The video might have been deleted or having a playback issues.. u can always report the video by clicking on the button provided on the content.

4. Video buffers too much?

The #1 reason is the internet connection you have…if the video is buffering every 5-10 seconds than it must the because of your internet connection..i recommend you to upgrade your internet server.

5. Can't find my movies?

You can always search and if u still don't find it, you may request them to us and it will be uploaded within the next 23 hours.